Q2 Signals Announcement

  • Analysis
  • May 21, 2020

As part of its research efforts, Smith + Crown maintains a list of projects within the blockchain industry, named “Signals” that meet a strict list of criteria. Such projects help us to identify and study ongoing and emergent industry trends whether they be technological, economic, or governance-related. This process involves frequent reviews of projects that might be suitable for inclusion within Signals as well as evaluations of the continued suitability of projects already included. Following our most recent review process, Smith + Crown has identified several projects that warrant removal from Signals.

What is Signal?

Signal projects are evaluated across a wide array of characteristics, and have demonstrated significant industry relevance, evidence of product traction and adoption, team capability, and/or notable cryptoeconomic design. These features are evaluated by Smith + Crown’s team of professional blockchain researchers.

Signals are …Signals are not …
• Projects that aim to utilize blockchain technology in any feasible, impactful manner—a potential to innovate in cryptography, cryptoeconomics, industry, or regulations—and that have a viable path to adoption.

• Typically, projects with clearly articulated goals, token models, protocols, evidence of leadership experience, industry knowledge, or developer capability. These factors are always considered in industry and project context—these areas are weighted differently according to circumstances.
• Investment advice: Signals and related project information are general in nature, not taking into account readers’ personal financial positions or objectives. Readers should consult a licensed adviser or tax agent before proceeding. • Guaranteed permanent. A project’s Signal status is subject to revision based on the best available evidence of the project performance, adoption, and general industry trends.

• The only projects S+C regards as quality—projects without a cryptoasset are not considered for Signals inclusion.

For further details regarding the Signal concept, see the SCI Methodology page.

Projects Removed From Signal

There are several reasons for removing a project from Signals, including a lack of product development, a persistent lack of updates, re-evaluation of a project’s offering and a significant contraction in a project’s ecosystem, among others. As a result of this review, the following projects have been removed:

  • Bancor is an on-chain liquidity protocol that operates across Ethereum and EOS, aiming to provide liquidity for tokens that may otherwise be illiquid. Bancor is removed from Signals due to a lack of traction and trading volumes relative to other liquidity protocols and decentralized exchanges.
  • Blockchain Capital is a tokenized venture capital fund that invests in equity in blockchain-based companies and cryptoassets, distributing fund profits through its BCAP token. Blockchain Capital is removed from Signals due to our re-evaluation of tokenized funds and tokenized securities in our signals list.
  • DigixDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that governs the Digix project which tokenizes real-world assets, most notably gold. DigixDAO is removed from Signals due to a community vote liquidating the project’s treasury balance.
  • Factom is a blockchain platform that allows entities to store data on the Bitcoin blockchain in order to leverage its security and transparency. Factom has been removed from Signals due to the dissolution of Factom Inc., the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) company that offers products atop Factom.
  • Irene Energy is a renewable energy trading platform built on a combination of Stellar and Hyperledger infrastructure that aims to connect buyers with suppliers of renewable energy. Irene is removed from Signals due to a persistent lack of updates.
  • Leverj is a decentralized exchange that operates on the Ethereum network, using a Plasma-based design to address scalability concerns on the Ethereum mainchain. Leverj is removed from Signals due to a lack of usage.
  • Raiden is a second-layer payment channel network built for the Ethereum blockchain that aims to offer near-instant, low-fee, and privacy-preserving transactions, in a similar mode to that of the Lightning Network. Raiden is removed from Signals due to slow development and underwhelming usage both absolutely and relatively to other second-layer Ethereum protocols.
  • Sweetbridge is a data assurance provider that aims to augment business processes with a focus on supply chains, finance, and digital assets. Sweetbridge is removed from Signals due to a persistent lack of updates.
  • Vlux is an energy trading marketplace that aims to reduce electricity by enabling the P2P trading of green energy between producers and consumers. Vlux is removed from Signals due to a persistent lack of updates.