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Highlighting Recent Notable Advancements Concerning Zero-knowledge Proofs
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Following the publication of an in-depth research report concerning the field of Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs), Smith + Crown has been keenly tracking research breakthroughs and major implementation releases related to these proof systems in their application to scaling and privacy issues that have hereto troubled base layer blockchain networks. As previously discussed, ZKPs provide the ability to succinctly...
Addressing Privacy through Zero-Knowledge Proofs
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Key Takeaways Unlike most other privacy technologies, ZKPs offer privacy to public smart contract networks in a manner that does not sacrifice auditability. There are three main categories of ZKPs, namely: ZK-SNARKs, Bulletproofs, and ZK-STARKs with the majority of implementations so far having used SNARKs. ZKPs may increase the likelihood of enterprises using public crypto...