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Assessing cooperative structures’ suitability for cryptonetworks
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In a recent article, Jesse Walden, founder of Variant Fund, and Connor Spelliscy, Co-Founder of the Blockchain Association, argue that cryptonetworks and projects, with executive teams domiciled in the US, could circumvent the legal issues with their networks’ cryptoassets being classified as securities by structuring their projects and token economies along the lines of traditional...
Distributed Governance: Beyond Token-based Voting
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While Melonport and DAOstack’s particular criticisms are not unprecedented, the launch of Melonport’s DAO and project’s trialing of Alchemy’s adoption are indicative of the industry’s willingness to experiment with novel modes of governance. DAOstack’s Alchemy toolset, which allows organizations to reward or revoke non-transferable reputation to individuals (i.e. Ethereum addresses) on various configurable bases, resembles...