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Does Farming Represent Progress in Token Distribution?
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In late 2019, Smith + Crown published a report on issues of fairness related to token distribution mechanisms. A key takeaway identified in this research was the significant extent to which a project’s choice of token distribution mechanism reflected its priorities regarding incentivizing certain initial contributions and ongoing user behaviors. In the two years since,...
Issues of Fairness in Token Distribution
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Token Distribution: It is About More than Just Tokens To properly appreciate debates on the merits of particular token distribution mechanisms, one must come to appreciate how the goods and benefits distributed in an initial token distribution event extends beyond tokens. Access to the initial distribution event is conceivably an opportunity distributed through a project’s...
Introduction to Token Distribution Mechanisms
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Key Takeaways Throughout the industry’s history, projects have employed a wide variety of strategies to distribute tokens at network genesis. The most common has been a token sale, though newer projects are more frequently exploring other designs. Recently, interactive airdrops have gained prominence, allocating tokens to target user groups based on network contribution or interest....