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Augur V2 and Decentralized Prediction Markets
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Five years after its initial launch, Augur has released a second instantiation of its prediction market protocol. Long anticipated, Augur v2 contains several updates largely aimed at enhancing efficiency and usability. In light of these events, the following dispatch explores the obstacles that have long hindered Augur and the potential for recent updates to alleviate...
Introduction to Gnosis
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Gnosis is an open-source, Ethereum-based platform that enables users to aggregate information via prediction markets, a mechanism that incentivizes information sharing and rewards participants for sharing predictions on issues ranging from sports betting, political polling, financial forecasting, to risk assessment. A smart contract ecosystem is used to reward users who successfully predict the outcome of...
Introduction to Augur
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Augur is an open-source, decentralized platform where users can both create prediction markets and vote on other market’s expected outcomes. Introduction Augur is a prediction market platform built on Ethereum. In a prediction market, users can express their opinions on the outcomes of different issues by buying shares in a given outcome. By allowing participants...