Activist Investing among DAOS
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The past months have seen investment firms attempt to influence project and investor behavior through research releases: In July, Zeus Capital, an asset management and research firm, shorted LINK and released a report arguing that LINK is a bad investment. In August, Delphi Ventures, the investment division of Delphi Digital’s research firm, entered a position on DXdao while advocating...
Trends in DAOs
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While the events of 2016 initially deflated many in the cryptoasset industry’s aspirations for DAO-like structures, the industry saw a resurgence of DAOs starting in late 2018, with 2019 referred to as the ‘Year of the DAO’ by some. Broadly speaking, DAOs attempt to manage resources in a decentralized structure, aiming to offer improved organizational...
Intro to DACs
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A simple example of how a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) might function clarifies DACs potential application and impact. Overview Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs), represent one of the most interesting and potentially disruptive applications of blockchain technology. DACs contain the power to automate and organize complex processes, systems and organizations (e.g. corporations) that previously would have...