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On Centralization and Business Development in the NFT Entertainment Space.
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As the blockchain sector debates the potential migration of DeFi applications from Ethereum to other networks, similar considerations are being made about NFT-based entertainment applications. While Ethereum remains the smart contract platform with the highest level of NFT-related activity, there exist genuine concerns regarding its ability to scale in order to accommodate a growing userbase....
Next Steps for Cryptokitties
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Any literature on CryptoKitties, the iconic blockchain-based collectables game built on non-fungible token contracts, will almost inevitably include commentary on the project’s now infamous congestion of the Ethereum blockchain in late 2017. At the height of its popularity, CryptoKitties accounted for nearly 15% of all Ethereum transactions, crippling network latency and causing both transaction and ‘birthing’ fees to soar. Today, over...
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CryptoKitties is a collectible trading game centered around breeding and collecting cats, whose uniqueness is guaranteed via an underlying NFT and whose rarity is a product of inherited ‘cattribute’ combinations. Overview CyptoKitties is a collectible trading game whose objective is to create and collect unique cats. Created by Axiom Zen, a venture studio in Vancouver,...