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Reviewing Akon City and Akoin
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Akon City, a self-described ‘futuristic cryptocurrency themed city’ proposed by the musician Akon, recently announced that it has awarded a $6 billion contract to KE international, an American engineering and construction firm, having raised an initial $4 billion from private investors. Akon City’s local economy will rely solely on cryptoassets, namely using the singer’s quasi-eponymous ‘Akoin’ token as...
Understanding Cryptoeconomic Design
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Smith + Crown has been studying and practicing cryptoeconomic design for over six years. This article, adapted from a recent webinar, introduces cryptoeconomic design, highlights its potential, and shares frameworks developed by Smith + Crown useful for understanding, researching and applying cryptoeconomic design.
Token Functions Overview: Vital Considerations in Cryptoeconomic Design
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  Key Takeaways Token-based incentive systems have unique potentials and constraints; they can attract and organize value adding contributors in unprecedented ways, yet typically require a “level playing field” created by an immutable or distributedly governed ruleset. Host platforms—base protocols, seperate networks, dApps—can incentivize value-adding community collaboration through token function design and compensation mechanisms. A...