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Reviewing Akon City and Akoin
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Akon City, a self-described ‘futuristic cryptocurrency themed city’ proposed by the musician Akon, recently announced that it has awarded a $6 billion contract to KE international, an American engineering and construction firm, having raised an initial $4 billion from private investors. Akon City’s local economy will rely solely on cryptoassets, namely using the singer’s quasi-eponymous ‘Akoin’ token as...
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Overview Many electronic transactions in the existing financial system are structured such that hackers, spies, insiders, or other motivated third parties could discover a user’s purchase history, spending habits, or financial relations. While many consider cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to offer an anonymous alternative, in reality, almost all are pseudonymous, as a record of each...
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Overview Jake Yocom-Piatt, Decred’s founder, developed an outlook on Bitcoin while working on btcsuite that would come to inform Decred’s development. Bitcoin, in Jake’s experience, had an ineffective and inefficient governance structure, lacked funding for protocol development, and inadvertently gave Proof of Work miners outsized influence on development decisions. Decred’s design and architecture intends to...