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Algorithmic Stablecoins: Value Propositions and Performance Indicators Beyond Peg Maintenance
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Prior to the highly-publicized increased institutional interest in Bitcoin the blockchain industry is currently experiencing, much of the general public’s attention being paid to distributed ledger-based assets was drawn by stablecoins. The rapidly expanding asset class has drawn both praise and resistance from those assessing its potential role in the greater financial ecosystem, with proponents...
Contextualizing the STABLE Act
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In the summer of 2019, Mark Zuckerberg testified before the U.S. House of Representatives, facing nearly-unanimous and atypically bipartisan criticism from legislators related to Facebook’s leading role in the development of the Libra stablecoin. The Libra network and digital asset—whose credentials as a blockchain and cryptoasset, respectively, have been perhaps appropriately criticized—were intended to facilitate...
Circle USD
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Circle USD is a fiat-collateralized ERC-20 stablecoin with monthly reserve audits, implemented as a joint venture between Circle and Coinbase. Overview Developed partially in response to concerns about the structure and reserves of Tether, USDC is a USD-pegged stablecoin with regular reserve audits and notable exchange and wallet integrations. The parent company, Circle Internet Financial,...