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Functionality and Usability in Web3 Applications
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The discussions surrounding usability are omnipresent within the blockchain sector. In such a relatively immature and initially niche space, there exists an understandable yearning for acceptance into the “mainstream.” Often, projects are assessed on their abilities to maintain not only large users bases, but ones that boast high numbers of otherwise non-crypto-native clients. Given its...
Reconsidering Oracle Decentralization
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Last October, the Smith + Crown research team published a report on blockchain oracles and the merit of pseudonymizing decentralized oracle networks. Building on recent commentary from OracleSwap’s Eric Falkenstein, this dispatch revisits issues of oracle obfuscation and decentralization with a new emphasis on efficiency and necessity thereof. Decentralization drives both the sentiment and technical architecture...
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Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network, whose oracle middleware allows smart contracts on smart contract platforms to interoperate with off-chain data providers. This enables on-chain smart contracts to evaluate contract variables using off-chain data. Disclosure: Smith + Crown was a compensated advisor to this project. Overview Many compelling uses of blockchain technology require smart contracts...