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Questioning the Purpose of Burning Mechanisms in Cryptonetworks
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In a recent article, Joel Monegro, a Partner at the cryptoasset-focused venture capital firm Placeholder, provided criticism of buyback-and-burn models, offering an alternative method, termed buyback-and-make, as a supposed improvement. Smith+Crown recently suggested practical improvements to how buybacks could be conducted and Monegro‚Äôs thought-piece challenged our thinking about the purpose of burning bought-back tokens in the first place....
Improvements to Buy-and-burn Token Models
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In a recent article on Bankless, Jon Itzler, a researcher at the venture capital firm Accomplice, discussed how he reasons about token value flows in the context of blockchain protocols. Among other points, Itzler critically evaluates the standard buyback-and-burn model used by protocols. Citing Maker as an example, he argues the protocol has underserved MKR token holders...