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Intro to Cryptocurrencies
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Overview Bitcoin was created as a peer to peer electronic cash system. It is a decentralized network of computers that stores transactions in a ledger, in the form of a blockchain. Bitcoin was created as an open-source project, which means the code was visible from the first day to the whole world to examine, copy,...
Blockchains and K-12 Education
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Introduction KnowledgeWorks, an education foundation focused on personalized learning and strategic foresight, recently released a report exploring how blockchain technologies could change K12 education in the United States. The report, entitled “Learning on the Block: Could Smart Transactional Models Help Power Personalized Learning?” argues that a cultural shift is pushing learning away from schools and...
What is a Blockchain?
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A non-technical explanation of how blockchains work. Overview The underlying technology in cryptocurrencies is called blockchain technology. The industry has slowly adopted this term in lieu of “cryptocurrency” or “bitcoin” in part to reflect that blockchain technology has applications beyond digital currencies. A blockchain is a ledger of transactions that no one can retroactively change...