• Cryptoasset Report
  • October 2, 2018

Cindicator is a hybrid intelligence platform where human inputs are combined with A.I. to enable better prediction models.


Cindicator’s main goal is to combine human intelligence with machine learning to enable better prediction models of crypto and traditional financial markets. The project expands upon the current business models in the prediction market industry and aims to extend beyond the financial markets in coming years. Cindicator raised $15 million in a token sale that ended in September 2017. The founding team has big data and machine learning experience and have previously founded multiple startups. There are no further token sales planned and the team expects to grow organically by collecting fees from its bot funds, human-managed ETF funds, and token reports.

Protocol Details

The Cindicator platform has two main products: analytics and automated bots. Cindicator’s core product, analytics, has over 100,000 human analysts making predictions about crypto and traditional financial markets through daily questionnaires. Machine learning algorithms process the questionnaire data and compare them to on-chain oracles in real-time to build complex trading strategies. Cindicator bots, internal money-managers, and platform users then trade on the market using these strategies.

Cindicator’s second product, automated bots, provide users with real-time data to make investment decisions. Their most popular bot, Cryptometer, checks the price of cryptocurrency at the ten most popular exchanges, and notifies its users of any arbitrage opportunities. Other features of the bot include binary indicators, support and resistance indicators, volume and price information of assets across exchanges. The team is also testing the space for new types of bots, such as a triangle arbitrage bot.

Asset Details

The Cindicator Token, CND, has multiple uses on the platform. One can use it to access the Cryptometer bot or to purchase token reports about new token sales. Accessing any Cindicator’s services requires a large token balance; accessing cryptometer bot requires locking up 1 million CND tokens. Accessing three monthly token research reports costs 20,000 CND tokens per month. The second use case for the token is to reward the analysts for accurate predictions. A questionnaire is sent out daily for analysts to answer and correct predictions get points. At the end of the month, analysts are ranked and paid proportionally to their points earned. As of mid-2018, the prize pool is at a fixed amount of $7500 for financial markets and 1.25 BTC for crypto markets. The team plans to make the payouts in CND as the platform economics become more robust.