January 30, 2020 Zcash votes to allocate 20% of mining rewards to development funds.

The measure, ZIP 1014, passed with 77 votes in favor and 11 against. The community participating included ‘….users who participated in the forum vote (filtered by accounts created before March 2019) alongside the current community advisory panel…’, according to a Zcash Foundation post; the post also states that ‘The Foundation believes the results from this poll will be clear enough to assemble a final ZIP based on the community‚Äôs will.’ The collected development funds (20%) will be divided between the Electric Coin Company (7%), the Zcash Foundation (5%) and grants for third party developers (8%). Voters were split on how major grants should be managed; 34 were in favor of granting the Zcash Foundation the authority, 34 in favor of a new committee, and 20 in favor of either option.