August 1, 2019 Welcome to SCI

We are proud to begin open access to the beta of Smith + Crown's Intelligence platform (SCI). Our team of researchers, analysts, designers and engineers have worked to build the tool that we have personally sought for years: high quality, professional profiles of credible assets, tools to search and discover projects, market data, curated and summarized news and extensive research across key topics written by experts.

We have been active in research in this space for almost seven years, and during that time the most challenging obstacle to both entry by new participants and the effective navigation by existing ones, has been the lack of a credible set of research and information from which to explore. It's our goal to build a tool that can make independent and high quality research far more accessible and utilized. We believe this is critical not only to bringing in new participants to the industry but also to encourage the development and use of research among those already actively building the decentralized future.

As an organization we focus our time and resources on research and not marketing. Our goal is to keep it this way, so if you find the work valuable, please let us know and, most importantly let others know. It's our goal to make high quality information and research accessible and utilized, but we need your help to share awareness of these tools.

We invite you to explore SCI now, and to send us feedback, comments and suggestions for how the platform can improve, potential projects or topics for research, and what features and work you find useful.

New research is always on the horizon.

Platform Overview
Independently written project profiles explaining core technologies, brief project history, and purpose of the token. Real-time market data across a broad set of key assets and markets.

Preview image of project profile

An extensive library of original Smith + Crown research and insights across a variety of topics, themes and projects.

Preview image of a research report

Briefings on key news stories from around the world. Curated, analyzed and written by experienced analysts. Updated daily.

Preview image of newsfeed

A broad reference of key concepts and terms needed to navigate the industry.

Preview image of a sample definition on SCI

We will continue to expand both the content and functionality of this platform and look forward to sharing our work and exploring these frontiers of research together with the community.

If you or your organization is looking for independent research, private research engagements or consulting on cryptoeconomics, incentive design or blockchain strategy, we encourage you to reach our directly to us at: