January 16, 2019 Understanding Projects, Profiles and Signal

The S+C Beta platform acts as an extension of your own research capabilities by providing a powerful interface into the Smith+Crown research team and its analysis and data. At the core of this is a robust and ever-evolving repository of project profiles, research, data and analysis.

Projects on S+C Beta are organized into two categories — ”All,” which is an expansive list of industry assets, and “Signal,” which is a curated list of projects, markets, and organizations that the Smith+Crown research team believes stand out as credible entrants across a variety of factors including team, experience depth and relevance, community, current status, documentation quality, token model and solution strength, among others.

The goal of S+C Beta is not to make recommendations or decisions for its users, but to help provide depth, insight and understanding to projects, to allow for discovery of new and high potential initiatives and ultimately to help those in the industry make better decisions.

Project Updates Feed

The updates feed (the vertical rail left of the projects list) serves two functions:

  1. Displays a running list of significant updates to projects within the platform. Updates will include new projects added to the S+C Beta platform, projects promoted to Signal, project de-listing notifications and any other project development or milestones that would be reflected in a meaningful update to its profile. The feed profiles an at a glance reference as to the latest profiles, and profile updates across the platform.
  2. Selecting a project category from the Updates dropdown menu will display its projects so you can easily jump between project profiles without having to return back to the full list.

Project Profiles

Within S+C Beta there are a variety of project profile report types and lengths ranging from a simple entry to a comprehensive overview of current project status, token model, community and functionality. The S+C research team adds, updates and expands profiles on a constant basis and looks for interest indications from S+C Beta users for which assets and projects are worth consideration and analysis.

Note: Many projects within “All” will display as an asset name, with minimal information, these are typically projects with little or no Signal characteristics. However they can still be flagged for review by the research team as there is always the possibility for a project to move to a stage that makes it worth revisiting.

Project Interest Indicator

Given the extensive and growing breadth of the industry it is important to focus efforts on the areas of most interest and value. The S+C team does this both through an internal set of priorities and through the feedback from S+C Beta members. S+C Beta allows for an extension of your own research capabilities by allowing for direct interaction with the Smith + Crown analyst team research process.

While using S+C Beta you’ll notice a “+ Interest” option available on project profiles. This acts as a voting and directive mechanism for the research team to prioritize an asset either for initial review or for expanded analysis if a profile already exists. You can express interest in any number of projects with your vote being equally shared between them until they are updated or you remove it.

Search, Sort and Filter Projects

Specific project profiles can be found directly from the project search field. Additionally there are a set of sort and filter options to help with exploring and discovering relevant projects. View the filter menus in the project table headers to sort, and use filter options to narrow or broaden your results. Your selections will persist across sessions until you’ve cleared them, and columns with filters applied will be indicated with a blue filter icon.