May 18, 2020 Proposal to revise Polkadot’s DOT supply is rejected by Web3 Foundation.

The Web3 Foundation, a Swiss Foundation that acts as a steward for the Polkadot blockchain project has rejected a proposal that would have seen the network’s native DOT token be inflated by 100 times. Despite an on-chain vote approving the motion via the Kusama governance network, the Foundation decided to reject the result. The proposal would have enacted a one time change to the denomination of the DOT token, inflating the supply by 100 times with no change to each holder’s share of the total supply. Although the proposal resulted in the highest referendum participation seen to-date on Kusama, at 13%, the proposal saw notable resistance from individuals at the Web3 Foundation, Parity and elsewhere, with some pointing out that such a move might disrupt existing infrastructure and documentation.