March 4, 2020 Governance issues continue to proliferate at Steem, following the acquisition of Steemit by Tron’s Justin Sun.

Steem, the DPoS blockchain, home to the social media application, Steemit, continues to be subject to a major governance dispute between Justin Sun and a large section of the Steem community. Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain, acquired Steemit Inc., the entity that owns Steemit as well as a significant portion of Steem tokens on 14th February with a plan to migrate Steemit to Tron. Sun’s share of the total token supply is unspecified but is believed to be enough to drive governance decisions on the network. Although these tokens were already in the hands of Steemit Inc., their voting power had not previously been exercised. The recent acquisition by Sun, however, has led to suspicions by much of the community that this governance power will now be leveraged, which subsequently led to a soft fork, freezing his tokens. Following this Sun introduced new validators to the network, which was then followed by the voting-in of yet more validators, antagonistic towards Sun. This dynamic is still in flux and has been accompanied by the resignation of several Steemit employees, with the majority of the Steem community seemingly in opposition to Sun, while the Tron founder has found the support of both Binance and Huobi.