September 18, 2019 Germany’s government passes and publishes a blockchain strategy.

The document identifies and elaborates on five areas where the Federal Government, by the end of 2021, will prioritize acting so to mobilize blockchain technology’s potential. These include:

1. Stimulating and stabilizing innovation in the financial sector; the Federal Government states a desire to open German law to electronic securities and intention to draft a bill regulating certain public token offerings.

2. Promote pilot projects; the Federal Government will pilot a blockchain-based energy system, test blockchain-based verification of higher education certificates, and use sustainability as a criterion for receiving state-sponsorship.

3. Develop a framework to help organizations better assess investing in blockchain technology, and hold round table discussions on the subject of blockchains and data protection.

4. Evaluate the suitability of blockchain-based identity solutions, particularly with respects to civil status, registration, passport, and immigration, and assess the state’s role.

5. Support the spread of information about and collaboration on blockchain technology, in part through a series of workshops and dialogues.