December 5, 2019 Forkast releases report covering blockchain adoption in China.

The report, developed by Forkast.Insights through support from NEO, argues that blockchain adoption is both broader and more developed in China than many realize. Drawing on interviews as well as third party research, the report points to a set of national, regional, and local policies supporting blockchain technology, a set of company-level initiatives that are in the concepting phase, and explores the range of industries being impacted by blockchain developments in China. They also highlight the extent of China’s patenting activity, a controversial topic for many reasons in the blockchain industry. Well-written and thoroughly researched, the report provides a useful summary of existing news and developments. Future research into the topic could delve into implementation progress, the extent of policy impacts on the ground (particularly relative to US state policies supporting blockchain), analysis of live or testnet China-based blockchains, and comparative considerations of how the opportunities described as being promising in China do or do not exist in other world regions.