March 4, 2020 dYdX, the decentralized margin trading platform introduces fees in a bid to capture revenue.

The non-custodial margin trading platform, dYdX will be charging fees from 10th March on all trades. Users will be subject to both maker and taker fees, charged at a fixed percentage rate. The platform is owned and operated by dYdX Trading Inc. and runs on the Solo protocol, also developed by the dYdX team. Importantly, this update introduces no changes to the underlying protocol, opening up the possibility of rival platforms using the Solo protocol and directly competing with dYdX. The motivation for the change has been ascribed to a desire to use the revenues to attract more liquidity to the platform as well as fund gas costs that the platform has been paying until now. dYdX has previously raised $12M across two separate rounds, with investments from Andreessen Horowitz and Polychain Capital, although it is unclear whether these investors will directly gain from this new revenue source.