March 26, 2020 Developers and investors plan to launch the Telegram Open Network without involvement from Telegram.

Following the decision by a US Court that barred the messaging service, Telegram, from distributing its tokens next month, a collection of developers and investors are investigating the possibility of independently launching the Telegram Open Network, according to the TON Community Foundation. According to Fedor Skuratov, a former communications manager for TON Labs, all the required code for the network launch is already public, meaning that any group can now launch the network if they can produce a genesis block and contribute at least 13 nodes to function as validators. According to Skuratov all that is required now to perform such a launch is to reach consensus with a majority of TON investors. Despite the SEC suing Telegram, the company released the software for the TON network nodes in September 2019 and has continued to release further iterations of the project’s code, including its consensus protocol and wallet software. This episode demonstrates the problems that regulators continue to face when interacting with public blockchain projects as well as the potential for bottom-up, organic governance decisions to quickly emerge.