March 10, 2020 DeFi lending protocol, bZx has unveiled changes to address vulnerabilities exposed by its recent network attacks.

Following a set of attacks on the Ethereum-based lending protocol, bZx, its team has issued a review of the incidents while also publishing alterations it is making to rectify the vulnerabilities. The project has made changes to its use of oracles, the review process for code updates and its overall development framework. bZx was subject to an initial exploit on 14th February, with a user extracting $350,000 due to a bug while a subsequent attack on 17th February led to $645,000 in losses., a decentralized exchange aggregator, also stated that they disclosed a $2.5 million vulnerability in the protocol, but that bZx chose not to inform its userbase or pay the corresponding bounty reward. The protocol’s new oracle design will initially rely on services from Chainlink, however, Band Protocol and Uniswap v2.0 will provide reference prices at a later date. Beyond this, the team plans to implement an EIP-style development process and subject the protocol to security and economic audits as well as submitting the code for formal verification.