November 5, 2019 0x infrastructure update introduces ZRX fee; dYdX discontinues 0x market support.

0x, a decentralized exchange protocol, introduced in the V.3 update a new economic model for the ZRX token, designed to attract greater market liquidity: traders now pay a fee to market makers, distributed pro rata according to ZRX staked, equal to a transaction’s gas fee. dYdX, a non-custodial exchange, will discontinue support for 0x-based markets, with Zhuoxun Yin, the exchanges head of operations, commenting that their markets already have meaningful liquidity, with dYdX’s ETH/DAI being a contributing factor. The ZRX token design has created friction among 0x and other industry entities in the past: Paradex, a non-custodial relay platform acquired by Coinbase in 2018, generated controversy in the 0x community in opting not to charge ZRX fees.