Cryptoeconomics, properly applied, can reshape markets, industries and organizations while opening entirely new frontiers.


Cryptoeconomics and blockchain-based systems present incredible and disruptive opportunities. Since 2013, Smith + Crown has been developing and applying research on the design of these systems with organizations of every size, from around the world.

The key to the successful design of a blockchain-based network is a holistic assessment of the underlying systems or business, its history, trajectory, and goals, as well as relationship with its stakeholders and communities. Smith + Crown helps organizations with cryptoeconomic design, blockchain strategies, new business models, financial analysis and modeling, and a host of bespoke services necessary to understand and capture the extraordinary opportunity presented by these new paradigms.

Cryptoeconomic Design

Smith and Crown's cryptoeconomic design stack

  • Share the expertise in cryptoeconomic design necessary for structuring cryptoeconomic systems well.
  • Design coherent incentive systems productive of target human behavior and token value before the protocol becomes unfeasible to change.
  • Map the technical and economic ecosystems surrounding a tokenized network and its use cases.
  • Create governance processes conducive to growing community, legitimizing decision making, and balancing power amongst a network’s key stakeholders.

Blockchain Strategy

Chart of highs and lows Q1 2020

  • Educate decision makers on the potential and limits of blockchain technology.
  • Assess how organization can integrate blockchain networks and services to optimize existing systems.
  • Identify the business impacts and operational risks of adopting blockchain technology.
  • Determine the tradeoffs of existing blockchain services and challenges in building new infrastructure.
  • Uncover opportunities for partnerships, investment and fundraising.